Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things I have learned this year...

1) I have pretty much lost my taste for country music. All I have left is some Willie and the occasional Pat Green.
2) Open conflict in marriage is not only okay, it might be a key ingredient.
3) I am getting older. If I skip 2 workouts I get sore all over again.
4) Sacrificing cool for silly is another key ingredient for my marriage and my family.
5) Time with friends is sacred.
6) Prayer is very important. AND I don't understand it.
7) It's important for those close to us to see our weaknesses --often.
8) God's ultimate plan probably does not include building a christian utopia in america.
9) My role as spiritual leader in my family is not to make everything safe.
10) I really don't think God cares if I say Christmas or Holidays.

1 comment:

Summer said...

I love you for all of these things and so many more. Thank you for being honest, showing your weaknesses, being silly, and loving me enough to fight hard and then forgive and talk it out. I am thankful for you every day, and love you more than I thought I could.